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"The most important thing that I like about the DJ Project is that I am really interested in learning how to be a professional DJ. I really want to learn how to mix and keep a party jumping. There is a lack of female DJs throughout the community and I want to be able to fill the void.. I think working on the DJ Project has changed my life because I have been given the chance to experience many new things. At The DJ Project, I am able to express myself and learn, while still teaching others."
Jacky Carrillo,16
"I have been in the DJ Project for five months and I have learned many things by being here. For example, I have learned how to communicate with people, work in groups and express myself professionally. But the most important thing that we use in our everyday life is responsibility. Setting daily goals, being on time and staying focused have helped me improve my grades."
Beverly Escobar, 17
"It was great timing when Jeff called me and said, 'I'm about to start a youth-run studio", because I was just about to get out of school and didn't really know what to do about my life. But all this producing and scratching and all the tracks that we dish out every day, all the community stuff that we do, I know it's helped me a lot, and I know it's gonna help me later on in life."
Juan Guillermo, 19
"Before I got involved in The DJ Project, I used to hang with this guy Rude Boy who had beef with cats over on 30th Street. I enrolled in The DJ Project while he kept to the streets. He ended up getting shot 7 times and died. So I feel that my involvement with The DJ Project probably saved my life. A lot of folks say they just think Iím gonna be a dope fiend. I'm driven to prove people wrong."
Cornelius, 17
"The DJ Project has kept me focused. It represents opportunity to me. Nobody's gonna push you to do it. It's on you. But if you take it seriously, it can be your hustle. A legitimate type of hustle. Before, I used to run the streets or would stay at home and play video games. But now, I have purpose. I donít hang out like I used to. The DJ Project is teaching me how to make money through music. Making money is my biggest challenge. I don't want to hustle, steal cars, fight peopleÖ"
Bear, 19
"I wasn't doin' nothin' before The DJ Project. I'm more active now, more serious about my life. We learn to make beats, use recording software, count bars, learn about the business, time management and responsibility. I'm most proud of the fact that we made a record - from start to finish."
Corey, 18



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