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Goals & Objectives
Participants in The DJ Project show improvements in the following areas:
• Grade-point averages and overall disposition towards learning and education
• Critical thinking and analytical skills of popular culture
• Confidence in writing skills through lyrics, poetry, record reviews, grants, business letters, and other documentation
• Computer literacy and proficiency with technology through music, graphic design, word processing, database and other software applications
• Knowledge of culturally-relevant history through music
• Awareness of global culture, geography, language and current events through world music
• Political consciousness through field trips, cultural events, and participation in their environment of political art
Employment and Entrepreneurship
• Job readiness skills, including but not limited to: listening skills, attention to detail, following direction, taking initiative, punctuality, communication, collaboration, project management, setting and achieving goals, and professional etiquette
• Awareness of career opportunities within the music/arts industries and beyond
• Knowledge of elements of entrepreneurship: marketing, pricing, organizational structure, budgeting, inventory and income statements
• Opportunities for peer-based learning
• Capacity for leadership
• Skills at working collaboratively with youth and adults
• Problem-solving skills
Community Service
• Opportunities to participate in community events
• Confidence that individual actions and effort can contribute and lead to a healthier community
• Knowledge of community politics, issues resources and room for growth
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