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The Begining (MixTape)
Tony Jazzo
Tony Jazzo embodies the all-in-one Hip Hop artist and producer. With his street-worthy beats and uplifting lyrics, Jazzo brings to life a masterpiece of a collaboration.

Using "Industry" and self-produced beats with original rhymes, The Begining stands on its own in the pool of Hip Hop Mixtapes.

Produced by: Tony Jazzo and various industry artists

Engineered and Recorded at The DJ Project Studio

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MP3's from The Begining
1 "Y.O.U. Featuring B.Money"
3 "Stop Look"

All songs 2007 The DJ Project
To obtain a copy of the CD, email:

Release Date: March 2007
Youth Participants
Tony Jazoo
See Mac
Mac Flyy

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