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CD Releases
The DJ Project releases CD compilations featuring original compositions created by teens and young adults from at-risk backgrounds. 

From instrumental soundscapes to gritty street tales of youth on the grind, our discs document the lives of today's youth culture. 

The creation of a professional CD compilation also provides an applied entrepreneurship experience for program participants. Youth distribute their finished product through local retail outlets and make sales to their communities from their backpacks - true to the entrepreneurial roots of hip-hop. 

The DJ Project recently completed its 28th CD compilation. The details and audio files of our record releases can be accessed via the links below. 

April 2010

Project Prevention
January 2010

Soul Sample Tribute
January 2010

I Need A Beat (WestCoast)
June 2009

Don CheeChee Flow (MixTape)
January 2009

Birth of a Rising Starr
January 2009

Summer Session 08
June 2008

I Need A Beat (MixTape)
January 2008

Zone of the Enders
September 2007

Get Wit it or Get Ran Ova (MixTape)
March 2007

The Begining (MixTape)
March 2007

As We See It
March 2007

Corner Committee
June 2006

Underground Soul: Next 2 Blow
March 2006

The Reason
December 2005

Round II: Certified Knockout
December 2005

The Draft
November 2005

On the Down Low
June 2005

United Roots
June 2005

Almost Famous
April 2005

City Livin'
January 2005

Brown Pride Soldiers
December 2004

Words of Mass Destruction
August 2004

The World is Not Enough
March 2004

Young Artists at Work
August 2003

Best Kept Secret
June 2003

April 2003

Devolutionary Theory
August 2002

Mission Voices
October 2001
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