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About The DJ Project
The DJ Project is an arts entrepreneurship program built on a hip-hop foundation. It uses music to engage young adults, giving them opportunities to develop in a context familiar to them. Through small business management, audio and video production, job readiness training and community service, The DJ Project model is a creative learning experience for the hip-hop generation.
In the four-month DJ Project program, a guest artist from the community facilitates the creation of a youth-produced CD, featuring the compositions of 10 youth participants with no previous musical experience. Participating youth plan each aspect of the project timeline, acquiring marketable skills in teamwork, collaboration, project management, marketing and technology.
The DJ Project curriculum challenges participants to sharpen their critical analysis of the recurring themes in urban music, such as materialism, homophobia, race, love, anger, sexuality and gender. It provides them with a platform to express their own views.
After recording their CD, the youth receive basic graphic design training to create the cover artwork and promotional material. They learn the fundamentals of marketing as they distribute their music through local record stores, completing a process that begins with the conceptualization of the record and ends with a sale of a finished product.
The DJ Project launched its pilot program at Horizons Unlimited of San Francisco in Fall, 2000. In collaboration with Southern Exposure Art Gallery, the first generation of DJ Project participants created "Mission Voices," a CD combining words of inspiration with expert turntablism and sonic experimentation.
At Horizons, the program received instant support from the music community. Local musicians and speakers visited the studio to conduct workshops, sharing their knowledge of music and stories of their business experience. Guest artists have included Azeem (Spearhead), DJ Zeph (Widehive, VU), DJ Quest (SpaceTravelers, Livehuman), Leon Mobley (Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals), David Boyce (Broun Fellinis) and many other figures from the San Francisco music scene.
Youth participants are provided with a rich media experience, fully integrating them into the professional media community. They have been featured on 90.3FM (KUSF), 94.9 (KPFA), KDTV Channel 14, TechTV's AudioFile and in the San Francisco Examiner.


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